Software using Mono

The following applications were developed with Mono and have been tested to run on its runtime:

Commercial ApplicationsEdit

Commercial and Open Source ApplicationsEdit

Open Source applicationsEdit

Developer ToolsEdit

  • FTGL# ( to write text in OpenGL (for instance on a Tao.Platform.Windows.SimpleOpenGlControl)
  • NAnt ( is a free .NET build tool. For help installing NAnt, see the NAnt Installation guide.
  • Smokey ( is a open source command line tool used to analyze .NET or Mono assemblies for problems. It's similar to tools like FxCop and Gendarme. This version of Smokey has 81 rules. Currently Smokey runs on Mono 1.2.5 ( 1.2.4 should also work although it isn't officially supported).
  • Mono Model Checker ( is a program to automatically detect errors in CIL bytecode programs, i.e. applications written for the .NET platform. The current version of MMC is able to find deadlocks and assertion violations in CIL programs, generated with Mono's C# compiler.
  • Pash - open implementation of Powershell [2]

Server ApplicationsEdit

Components & LibrariesEdit