The mono project forums:

Mono Irc chatEdit

Can use the online IRC web application Mibbit. (In Server field, select 'Other Server')

Servers: Either works

  • #mono: general discussion of Mono.
  • #monodev: discussion more geared toward development.
  • #mono-winforms: development of the Windows.Forms stack.
  • #monodevelop: Chat related to the MonoDevelop ( IDE.
  • #cocoa#: Discussion about CocoaSharp
  • #mono-hispano: general discussion of Mono (in spanish).
  • #monouml: general discussion of MonoUML.
  • #gendarme: discussion, mostly development oriented, about Gendarme
  • #mono-a11y: Accessibility and UI Automation
  • #moonlight: discussion on the Moonlight implementation of Silverlight.

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