List of people developing Mono or related tools.

  • Miguel de Icaza - mono blog
  • Jonathan Pobst - mono, winforms blog
  • Mike Krueger - monodevelop (former sharpdevelop coder)
  • Everaldo Canuto - mono
  • Lluis Sanchez Gual - monodevelop blog
  • Martin Baulig - debugger
  • Jb Evain - Mono.Cecil blog
  • Alan McGovern - Google summer of code student worked on MonoTorrent
  • Michael Hutchinson - MonoDevelop blog
  • Marek Habersack - blog
  • Jeroen Frijters - ikvm, a Java VM for .NET blog
  • Mirco Bauer - Debian developer, builds .deb packages for Mono, MonoDevelop blog

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