Mono's Winforms is a managed implementation written in C# that runs on Linux. System.Windows.Forms in Mono is implemented using System.Drawing

What's missing from WinForms?

Mono support for .NET 1.0/1.1 Winforms is 100% complete. (since Mono 1.2) (track progress)

Mono is missing a few things from Winforms 2.0. (track progress)

  • WebBrowser - [1], [2]. The WebControl is being implemented using Gecko. However, Miguel de Icaza states that WebKit would have been a better choice.[3] Because of the work done on integrating Gecko, there are no plans to switch to WebKit.

As of May 13, the latest nightlies contain 100% completed WinForms 2.0.[4] These changes will be released in Mono 2.0. Though feature complete, bugs are to be expected.

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