Companies Using Mono

Success StoriesEdit

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  • Metrosharp Corporation ( is a specialist in complex record keeping requirements and uses Mono and Cocoa# for its Identity Management System line of software. Metrosharp OpenIMF (Identity Management Framework) released under Mozilla Public License and Metrosharp IMS 2007 (Identity Management System) bring advanced USC 2257 record keeping compliancy to Novell SUSE Linux and MacOS X.
  • Medsphere ( The Medsphere OpenVista software allows physicians to access complete patient health information at the point of care, and it runs on both Windows and Linux, thanks to Mono. Medsphere customers now have the flexibility to choose the OS that is right for them, without worrying about application availability.
  • Völcker Informatik ( When customers began demanding Linux support for their ActiveEntry provisioning system, Völcker engineers turned to Mono to create a single cross-platform codebase. A complete profile of the process is available at the Novell success stories page. (
  • Quantifi Solutions: ( Specialists in complex financial instruments, Quantifi Solutions use Mono to mix C# and C++ code in their finance modeling software. Their financial models are refined constantly, so they need code that is easy to manage and easy to maintain, while still running fast enough to keep up with the markets. One of the Quantifi engineers discusses their implementation here in the mailing list archives (
  • Neoware ( Check the HTTP headers on the website for thin-client vendor Neoware: those ASPX pages are served up usig mod_mono, Apache, and Linux. How many other ASP.NET sites using Mono can you find? Let us know when you come across one, and we'll post it here.
  • imeem ( imeem's mac client takes advantage of Mono and open source cocoa binding they created called Dumbartion.
  • Information Technology Partners ( is a Belgian ICT services and solutions provider. They recently started the development of an application for architects that must run cross-platform (MAC OS, Linux). Since they already have a strong background in .NET the choice to go with Mono for the new application was easy.
  • Mainsoft ( uses Mono for their Grasshopper product which allows ASP.NET applications to be deployed on J2EE servers.
  • A&D Solutions ( based in Curitiba, Brazil just released version 3.2 of their Maximus Security product (, cross-platform security monitoring software that uses embedded Mono for alarm event processing. Available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Interopix ( is using Mono.NET on a FreeBSD based server to provide back-end communications with in-field alarm and automation controllers. The server was designed to securely collect configuration and status data from many thousands of in-field systems and provide that information to users via a web application running on the same server. This is a commercial application.

Web Projects Using MonoEdit

  • Fiducial ( Their public new site uses Mono and ASP.NET, the system is running on a cluster of computers with a Postgress back-end and an ASP.NET content management system.
  • EPresence.TV ( ePresence Interactive Media is the world's first open source webcasting and conferencing solution. It is designed to support conferences, online meetings, seminars, and demonstrations by broadcasting them live over the internet, or making them available as on-demand webcasts.
  • Wikipedia ( WikiPedia uses Mono for its search facilities. The indexing and the actual searching is done by Mono-based applications.